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College babe Brittany Bardot nude

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  • 8 Apr 2011
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Hot college babe submits her nude pictures for Playboy and get picked for College Student Issue.

Comments (34):
#1 | 8 Apr 2011 11:44 by Hawkmech (5129 )

She's hot, but she's also just another cookie cutter Playboy blond.

Don't care much for the tits when the nipples look that off center.

Not a chance in hell that I'd say no if it was offered, but these are my opinions anyways.

#2 | 8 Apr 2011 12:20 by wings45 (951 )

nice tattoo on ass
nice hole for parking
great boobs


#3 | 8 Apr 2011 13:11 by SNAFU (687 )

college?......maybe years ago.....look at the last pic boys......what in the seven circles of hell is going on with those titties....seriously.....it's like two tits and two nipples from two different gals......my god, she's Frankenslut....hmmmmm, I wonder where she got that pussy......oh well, I'd still do her.....but I hope she doesn't catch me staring at her tits trying to figure them out.....

#4 | 8 Apr 2011 14:28 by Biiiz (1305 )

drinks drinks drinks
hump hump hump

#5 | 8 Apr 2011 15:15 by 鄉村 (1471 )


#6 | 8 Apr 2011 15:23 by Funeral Guy (2384 )

Guys, guys. She was a music major, but instead of a degree she got a tattoo. (Probably for fucking guitar players.)

If those boobs are fake why would you buy two different sizes?

Cute face, though.

I wonder if her name is supposed to be a homage to Brigette Bardot. (She was a French actress/sex kitten from the 50's and 60's for all you young guys out there who might not know. She was one of the first deposits in my spank bank.)

Link here:

#7 | 8 Apr 2011 16:49 by crimineel (5605 )

this girl is perfect!
52347987 stars!!
my cup of tea all the way!

I love erooups :D
my tumblr: www.hawtchixx.tumblr.com
my facebook page: www.facebook.com./hawtchixx2
#8 | 8 Apr 2011 17:10 by ptpie (2696 )


#9 | 8 Apr 2011 20:52 by Blade (2700 )

jakaś taka puca puc

#10 | 8 Apr 2011 21:18 by TxBondsman (129 )

her tit's aren't symetrical and nippl coloration is slightly different, very common irl. NOT very common in a Playboy sponsored model. She's just soso. The tat is a trebel cleff extended into a heart. I's guess if there was a hidden meaning, she loves music. Who knows....

WARNING: posts may contain traces of nuts
#11 | 8 Apr 2011 22:31 by Funeral Guy (2384 )

Wow! 3 exclamation points and an OMFG. I've never seen crimineel so excited. She must have brought some crumpets to go with his cup of tea.

#12 | 8 Apr 2011 22:55 by kryosis (733 )

heart heart

#13 | 8 Apr 2011 23:51 by TxBondsman (129 )

LOL, I'd like a strumpet to go with my crumpet.....

WARNING: posts may contain traces of nuts
#14 | 9 Apr 2011 05:30 by SquidProQuo (1312 )

I can't get enough of this young lady.

#15 | 9 Apr 2011 11:55 by monkeymagic (471 )

41 41 41

#16 | 9 Apr 2011 12:43 by JERRYzw (1519 )

recourse recourse recourse

#17 | 10 Apr 2011 12:43 by fu

For Funeral Guy: I've been checking this site for 2 years now, back when your boring and uncalled for comments didn't exits.

You sir, are an old geiser and I hate you. Please go to hell along with your pathetic and often morbid comments. Nobody cares what you think. What? You think yourself to be a nude art critic now?

Been watching your comments for some time now, but there's only so much a guy can take. I'm sorry it's not my style and I go for more detailing, but right about now the best reply in the world someone could give you is that a clueless bimbo that just says: Get a life! Loser!

That is the conclusion sir, in your miserable existence where nothing pleases you and where YOU ARE nothing contain yourself from making anymore wickedly disastrous remarks. You either enjoy watching nude women in quiet or not look at them at all. If for any reason you can't do this, state your mind in mute not in typing on this website, where you can bother others.

I have tried to keep this as civilized as possible, taken into account the fact that you most likely have a respected age (and even if that were not the case, I respect myself too much to lower myself to the point of using a degrading language).

#18 | 10 Apr 2011 17:56 by Funeral Guy (2384 )

@ fu

I was not going to reply to your flame at me because how could I possibly be a match for the logic, wit, intelligence and sheer weight of your case against me. (Not to mention your spelling. It's geezer not geiser.) But let me try to answer your points in order.

OK, I am a geezer (or geiser, if you prefer) and you hate me. That's a pretty strong emotion for someone you don't even know who just spends a little down time commenting on a wanker website. My avatar is pretty well known by now, so why don't you just try not reading me? As to my comments being "morbid" and "pathetic" well that is subjective and you are allowed your opinion. Here in the US of A we call that free speech and I support that wholeheartedly. Judging by your syntax I'm surmising that you may be from a part of the world that doesn't completely subscribe to that concept. So be it.

You say nobody cares what I think. That may be true but I have many humorous back and forth's with a lot of the commenters here. This is supposed to be fun place, but maybe you are a little too serious to be visiting here. After all, this is a website that specializes in women spreading their labia and showing their tits. We're not exactly walking around the Louvre debating the finer points of the Dutch masters. Do I think of myself as a "nude art critic"? I sure as fuck do. I'm a man, aren't I? We're all nude art critics. If you check my comments closely I think you'll see that I throw out as many compliments as I do critiques.

Lastly, my existence is far from miserable, believe me. As to the rest of your screed, I can't really answer because, frankly it didn't make much sense to me other than that you hate me and want me to go to hell. (Again, why so irate?) You may need to consult your Angry Foreigner to English dictionary a little more closely so you can express yourself in a more precise manner. And don't worry about respecting my age, Sonny, I'm not in a nursing home yet and can take care of myself.

In closing, I choose not to "state my mind in mute not in typing". (I think I know what you mean by that, as garbled as your sentence is.) You want me to go away. I think I'll stay, fu. Or, let's do this. Let's put it to a vote. If everybody wants to banish me off the island, I'll quietly slink away to my "miserable existence" where I am nothing. Maybe I can find a nice quiet place where I can "get a life" and not be such a "loser".

So. What say you, guys? Should the Funeral Guy go? Or should fu go pound his pud on another naked chick pornsite that appeals to his more delicate sensibilities?

#19 | 10 Apr 2011 20:36 by buttman

I generally check the comments only because I want to see what wit you have for the set.
I have seen fu post a few times, but nothing memorable. Hmmmmm....

Fu, it's just porn. Take your meds and chill out.

#20 | 10 Apr 2011 23:34 by ZEE (2168 )

dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmn shes hot

#21 | 11 Apr 2011 00:12 by quote

@ FG : I wrote that with FU. Came from those angry stick man sketches on the net. didn't know there was another posting with the nickname fu.

I see you promptly replied, though I wish you hadn't. Well I'll give you the "garbled" part. Appreciate the civilized and coherent reply to a somewhat aggressive complaint. I didn't appreciate (as probably others did too) the exaggerated remarks on most of the women and I hoped it would get you reconsidering it.

But then you gave the "in the US of A" and "free speech" parts and kind of lost me. So yeah, whatever you say, I'm just ok with the fact that I managed to get a certain thing to your attention.

We'll all be drinking beer six feet under anyway. Cheers!

#22 | 11 Apr 2011 02:51 by Funeral Guy (2384 )

@ quote

My "exaggerated" remarks (I would call them snark) are attempts at humor. Some like it, some don't, I guess. Whatever. I know some guys disagree with my opinions and I try to explain my positions respectfully. I was actually defending fu's free speech right to call me
"geiser", "morbid", "pathetic", "loser", etc. It may surprise you, but I've been called names before. And survived!! So fu hates me and wants me to go to hell? Tell him to get in line with my ex-wives. You say you wish I hadn't replied. You and fu attacked me pretty personally. That's fine by me, do your worst, but I think I also have a right to respond.

I really don't get what this is all about. This is a fucking pornsite, for god's sake. Aren't you taking this all a bit too seriously? Am I mean? Is that it? To the delicate little flowers that show their vaginas on the internet? If I met them on the street I would be polite and respectful as cultured gentleman in the antebellum south. I don't want to bust anyone's bubble, but these aren't really women. They're pictures. I don't lose a lot of sleep over whether I'm hurting their feelings or not. Quite frankly, when you take your clothes off in front of a camera for cold hard cash you kind of make yourself fair game for any rude comment that comes your way. Double ditto if you stand in front of a mirror and take a picture of your pussy and post it on the interwebs. Do you think these broads troll the pornsites and read our comments and cry into their pillows at the mean 'ol things the men are saying about them? Apparently you and fu missed all the times I've slobbered over some babe's hotness like the rest of the guys.

How about if I just say "wow" or "she's hot" or "I love big boobies", or "not my cup of tea" (no offense, crimineel, I love your comments. They give me a good chuckle. Just using it as an example). Or maybe I'll just post JC_OMG_sign 41 35 yahoo All day.

I'll leave it to all the other guys. Just let me know. Sheeesh!!!

#23 | 11 Apr 2011 10:35 by crimineel (5605 )

u bastard ><
she is just fucking beautiful
really i mean i would marrie her if she would give me the chance.
she is the type of girl wich i would fall in love with.
And this girl's face looks so much like my girlfriend's face, only my girlfriend has got bigger boobs ^^ cus i payd for her boob job ;D
She started with C or something
and now its a well shaped double d

@FU and FG
When i first saw this site and was reading FG's comments i was thinking the same about FG as FU did. But when i read some more comments of FG i was enjoying the critics givin by him. It's so funny to watch his comments. So somewhere i get FU's point. But still i think that FG is a well educated and friendly person in real life.

and once more @FG your comments are my cup of tea xD haha

this site should really update it with new features like receiving a e-mail when some1 is replying to you and i dont know if it is just me because of my browser(google chrome) but i can't quote anyone.

Have a nice day!
and this girl was just smoking hot ^^
almost as hot as Alanah Rae!

I love erooups :D
my tumblr: www.hawtchixx.tumblr.com
my facebook page: www.facebook.com./hawtchixx2
#24 | 11 Apr 2011 14:16 by Other Guy

FU is out of line. FG should stay!!

#25 | 11 Apr 2011 20:05 by TxBondsman (129 )

hey fu. If nobody has told you lately that your a complete waste of interweb space, your an ignorant asshole, your breath smells of cum, AND your absolutely not wanted not needed in this world or any other, consider yourself told. Bye MF'er.

Your comments are completely unwarrented, un-necessary and way out of line. Not even worth the time it takes to read them....
FG, your a funny guy. I like to read your ( I don't know how to spell this) critiques (sp). I like everyone here, somepost more than others, but I see regulars who write a line or two, that's cool as well.

WARNING: posts may contain traces of nuts
#26 | 12 Apr 2011 00:41 by TxBondsman (129 )

^^^^ this

WARNING: posts may contain traces of nuts
#27 | 12 Apr 2011 07:00 by bootlegger (317 )

I for one enjoy a good dose of the repartee that FG has the ability to share, and he doesn't do it from behind an anonymous Posting either

#28 | 12 Apr 2011 08:21 by Orgasmo (312 )

Hugh Hefner girls... girl_devil

#29 | 12 Apr 2011 23:51 by Anti-DRM

@ TxBondsman and Matt you guys just ruined FG's eloquent defense. FG did just fine on his own. And about people "bitching" on the radio, TV or the net... if you would remove those then it leads to a false belief that everything is ok and so everyone is happy. You see where I'm going?

I for one believe in my right to "bitch", FG believes in his too and fu did his .. thing also. But I think Orgasmo outgunned us all. girl_devil laugh1

#30 | 17 Oct 2011 09:02 by Dreadnot (2778 )

horribly laughabel

#31 | 25 Jul 2013 19:58 by The Judge (5245 )

Nice, I liked it very much besides all the comments

But I have to agree FU must go (a little late maybe but better late than never)

#32 | 28 Sep 2013 12:59 by Enew (7182 )

Cutie with a nice body but the tits are fucked up

#33 | 10 Dec 2013 09:39 by old baldy (13024 )

Funeral Guy rules fuck off fu, and I'm a cunt of a speller who gives a shit

#34 | 9 Sep 2014 01:41 by judekyle (11440 )

Those are some strange titties, but everything else is spot on.

I, for one, love FG and would hate to see him go anywhere. Not sure why you underthings are in such a twist, fu.

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