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Young women suffering from love to vampires

Victoria Frances is famous Spanish artist who works in the Gothic style. Her paintings depict young women suffering from love to obsession of vampires. Artist collection from Venetian carnival scene includes 3 collections Favole, book Angel wings, Favole portfolio, El corazon arlene, a collection of sketches. Here are the best Victoria paintings.

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Hot anime girls

Here are some of the cutest and hottest anime girls that could be found online now. Some of them are seriously approaching to that kind of anime that is called hentai. I hope you’ll like them as much as I did and you’ll enjoy watching this great illustrations gallery.

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Alice in Weird Land

Since the story about Alice is one most people would know from their childhood, loads of graphic art is created around it. Some fan art seems to be a product of their grown up fantasies. Their fantasies make one new world for Alice which is no longer called Wonderland, but has become Weird Land. A parallel universe where Alice does not behave in the way we expect her to, where she is not an innocent young girl. Alice has all grown up, now.

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