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7 Tips on Morning Sex

Good morning sex is a very pleasant thing, which facilitates the release of endorphins and even strengthens the immune system. However, people make love just because of indescribable pleasure, forgetting about benefits of morning sex. After all, you cannot experience these emotions and sensations at other times. To have sex in the morning, being half-awake is like to make your erotic dreams come true. Anyway, to get the maximum pleasure, use these tips, provided by ukrainian woman site.

1. Get ready in advance.

On the one hand, planning kills all spontaneity, one the other hand, frankly speaking, the process becomes not aesthetic or even disgusting with it. Therefore, don’t forget to prepare a breath mint as well as the condoms in order not to look for them in the morning. There is one important rule for the morning sex, the less fuss during preparation you have, the more pleasant the process is. The key moment is to have sex being half asleep.

2. Get up early.

A man should take the initiative in the morning sex. There is nothing manic or reprehensible in your desire to start caressing a beautiful sleepy body of your beloved woman. Beautiful and malleable beauty, which reflects all morning tenderness, gives completely different sensations. Set the alarm clock on vibrate, turn off the intrusive melody and put the phone under your pillow. Do not wake her up ahead of time, you'll ruin the surprise. Why do people like morning sex? It is filled with sensuality and duration. The process can be delayed, so try to wake up at least 40 minutes earlier than usual not to be late for work.

3. Cherish hygiene.

Take a shower before going to bed or go to the shower in the morning before your girlfriend wakes up. However, keep in mind that you'll have to go wash up in 20 minutes again. It is better to refresh yourself with a deodorant or perfume. It's more pleasant to have sex with a man who smells good. Nobody asks you to wear a tuxedo and look irresistible, but it's worth at least to freshen up. Otherwise, it is likely that the girlfriend will prefer precious last minutes of a healthy sleep instead of sex with a shaggy, sullen, foul-smelling animal.

4. Wake her up gently.

Wake her up with a soft kiss on the neck, bosom or back and with cautious and very gentle caresses. Don’t skip this step, you are already a big boy and must know everything about women’s nature. Anyway, you should be very gentle and careful, avoid sharp movements, otherwise, she will wake up like from a gunshot, trying to understand what's going on. Gentle kisses and caress will make her awakening soft and pleasant.

5. Make her feel sexy.

It's time to move on to the next level and make her feel sexy. Whisper in her ear how beautiful she is. Don’t rush to start the process, pulling her pants down. Let her feel perfect. Girls like to listen to such compliments even being half asleep. To avoid embarrassment, her mood should match your desire. Only a foreplay will make you both get pleasure.

6. Do not cut corners.

Despite your desire to spend the whole morning in bed, you both need to go to work. So, do not delay the foreplay. In the morning, it is especially pleasant and seductive, even for men. However, it can be dangerous for your schedule, so try to overcome yourself and move from foreplay to penetration. However, if you do not “warm her up” enough, then it will be difficult to get pleasure. So, do not cut corners, spend 5-10 minutes on a foreplay and move further, enjoying all morning sex benefits.

7. Hot morning sex in the shower.

Who says that morning sex should be only in bed? You can relocate to the bathroom and complete the entire procedure, starting with a foreplay and to the hot final there.

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