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Charlotte on Throne of Sillyness

Sword armed warrior Charlotte Stokely wears no panties under chain armor (Charlotte of Artar at Bare Maidens), she gets obscene and naked on Throne of Sillyness.

Charlotte on Throne of Sillyness  - 11

Amazing glasses

With this glasses every men will be happy. Everywhere pussies, tits and naked bodies 36

Amazing glasses - 28

Chinese Sex Dolls

The Chinese began to produce sex dolls that are exact copies of American super-expensive sex toys "REAL DOLL".
Look at the result inside the post. The last three photos - these are the original American dolls.
Feel the difference so to speak ...

Chinese Sex Dolls - 00

Unique pin-up calendar with x-rayed photos of models

If you are used to see those calendars with nude photos then this one will be huge surprise for you. This calendar features women bodies, indeed, but some wouldn’t be so happy when they see that all photos on this calendar are actually x-ray photos. This calendar was made by EIZO company which is manufacturing equipment related to medical examination. That is pretty unique way to advertise the company for sure and it seems that they found models with perfect bones and skeleton structure for this calendar.

Unique pin-up calendar with x-rayed photos of models - 12