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Girls on the beach

We continue to make men happy ;)
The sun, pretty girls, the sea, the beach. Let summer come faster!

Girls on the beach - 20090116

Call Before You Dig

One man tried to dig a little by using a post hole digger without calling utility locating service which is required to do before you do any digging.
And what you see on these pictures is a result of his digging. He actually hit an underground cross county gas pipe…
P.S. I don’t know what happened to this guy but by looking on the photos there’s only one conclusion that comes to mind…

Call Before You Dig - 20090116

Fucking machine and how it works?

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  • 16 Jan 2009
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With the advent of such device now girls have the possibility to experience pleasant sensations for hours, literally speaking

Fucking machine and how it works? - 20090116

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Millions of people died because of that.
Beautiful photos of powerful invention that brought tears and sadness.

Weapons of Mass Destruction - 20090116

Pretty girls are everywhere

Of course, they are beautiful and unique.
We can see these wonderful creatures everywhere we go: on the dance floors, in the auto salons and body art exhibitions, on the streets and on the beach.
And we, men will always admire you
After the jump, you will see a cool series of amateur photos.

Pretty girls are everywhere - 20090115

« User » - an unusual photo-project

Canadian photographer Tony Fouhse needed to spend several months on the streets with narcotic addicts to finish his project which he later called “User”.
After the jump you’ll see portraits of drug addicts. Warning, some pictures are NSFW.

« User » - an unusual photo-project - 20090115