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  • 21 Jan 2009
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About 5 feet tall, 66 lbs and big breasts – that’s what waits for you if you decide to buy this sex doll for…$7,500.
I think that everybody will agree with me that nothing’s better than real GIRLS.
But as they say to each their own tastes )

Realdolls - 20090121

Poor cats destined to be eaten!

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  • 20 Jan 2009
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These boxes with thousands of cats wait for their train to Guangzhou (China)
Only 5000 cats were sent there for the last three days.
The cries of these poor animals could be heard far beyond the platform.
Actually, there’s a whole industry that deliver cats for preparation of special dish called «Shui Zhu Hua Mao".
To prepare this dish, a cook puts a cat into the boiling water.
Then, they take it, clean it, chop and make a soup out of it.
According to statistics, more than 100 thousand cats are eaten everyday in the province of Guangdong.

Poor cats destined to be eaten! - 20090120

Plane Crash in New York

Shortly after the take-off, the jet Airbus A320 with 155 passangers on its board made an emergency landing in the Hudson River, in New York.
It seems that the cause of the accedent is a flock of birds that the plane flew into.
The effective and efficient work of emergency workers resulted in keeping the death toll at zero.
About 30 persons were injured but none of them seriously.
Many credit the quick thinking of the plane's chief officer, Chesley B. Sulllenberger III, for the plane's relatively safe landing.

Plane Crash in New York - 01

Girls on the beach

We continue to make men happy ;)
The sun, pretty girls, the sea, the beach. Let summer come faster!

Girls on the beach - 20090116

Call Before You Dig

One man tried to dig a little by using a post hole digger without calling utility locating service which is required to do before you do any digging.
And what you see on these pictures is a result of his digging. He actually hit an underground cross county gas pipe…
P.S. I don’t know what happened to this guy but by looking on the photos there’s only one conclusion that comes to mind…

Call Before You Dig - 20090116