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Weapons of Mass Destruction

Millions of people died because of that.
Beautiful photos of powerful invention that brought tears and sadness.

Weapons of Mass Destruction - 20090116

Pretty girls are everywhere

Of course, they are beautiful and unique.
We can see these wonderful creatures everywhere we go: on the dance floors, in the auto salons and body art exhibitions, on the streets and on the beach.
And we, men will always admire you
After the jump, you will see a cool series of amateur photos.

Pretty girls are everywhere - 20090115

« User » - an unusual photo-project

Canadian photographer Tony Fouhse needed to spend several months on the streets with narcotic addicts to finish his project which he later called “User”.
After the jump you’ll see portraits of drug addicts. Warning, some pictures are NSFW.

« User » - an unusual photo-project - 20090115

U.S. military helicopter crash

The Black Hawk chopper crashed during take-off at Texas A&M University.
One person was killed, four others were seriously injured.
These dramatic photos can be seen after the jump.

U.S. military helicopter crash - 20090115

Let Gaza live!

Last Saturday during the anti-Israel demonstration in Oslo 130 people were arrested for mass rioting. One of the left-wing groups participated in the protest and riots. Several McDonald's were attacked, supposedly for supporting Israel.
McDonald's denies the claims.

Let Gaza live! - 20090114

Bombs still fall on Gaza

A week after the start of the ground assault on Gaza - Israeli troops are continuing to attack by air, land and sea. Despite the announcement of a three-hour truce, bombs continue to fall.
And it is always the civilians that suffer the most.

Bombs still fall on Gaza - 20090114

The Macedonian Carnival

The Macedonian Carnival (7 pics)
The roots of this Macedonian carnival go back to the time when ancient pagan rites were practiced. And nowadays, they are widely popular among the tourists because of its savage and extravagant nature. It’s been more than 1400 years that the village dwellers put on costumes and scary masks and come out to the streets as did their ancestors.
The carnival lasts two days - 13th and 14th January.

The Macedonian Carnival - 20090114

This is not pasta

On the 2d of January a speed-eating contest of warms took place in the city of Changsha, China.
Well, this is the contest but it is really disgusting.
Nothing is known about the prize.

This is not pasta - 20090113