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The Macedonian Carnival

The Macedonian Carnival (7 pics)
The roots of this Macedonian carnival go back to the time when ancient pagan rites were practiced. And nowadays, they are widely popular among the tourists because of its savage and extravagant nature. It’s been more than 1400 years that the village dwellers put on costumes and scary masks and come out to the streets as did their ancestors.
The carnival lasts two days - 13th and 14th January.

The Macedonian Carnival - 20090114

This is not pasta

On the 2d of January a speed-eating contest of warms took place in the city of Changsha, China.
Well, this is the contest but it is really disgusting.
Nothing is known about the prize.

This is not pasta - 20090113

Girls at work

Wow! These pictures will please a lot of men for sure.
The sexiest employees after the jump.

Girls at work - 20090112

A gas station incident

A bold girl arrived to the gas station completely naked.
I think the men were happy.
But what I am interested in is where from did she pull out money to pay for gas?

A gas station incident - 00

A mishap on a chairlift

A skier was stuck upside-down on a chairlift. He was hanging like this for about 15 minutes with his pants off before Vail (Colorado’s Vail resort) personnel successfully removed him from there. The man, aged of 48 years, didn’t have any physical trauma, but it is hard to say the same thing about his psychological state…
As they say “shit happens”.

A mishap on a chairlift - 20090108

Summer memories. Real life photos

One of the best and most popular topics of the site. These are pictures taken by surprise without posing.
Sometimes they are funny, sometimes sad, but generally they are amusing and funny. All these kinds of photos are shown in this series dedicated to summer.
Yesterday we had a similar series – Casual shot

Summer memories. Real life photos - 20090107

The most unusual number plates

Some of them are really funny and amusing. You should have a lot of imagination to come up with something like this ))

The most unusual number plates - 20090107